The Zetech University eLearning Program

Zetech University is a private institution of higher learning that focuses mainly on technology, science and business related courses. It prides itself in offering a learning experience that not so many universities in Kenya can match up to. This experience can be enjoyed by youth from across the country and beyond. It purposes to equip students with critical life skills that can help them advance their studies and careers as well.

In a bid to shape the future of every student that desires to study at the institution, Zetech University recently launched an eLearning program. This is in a bid to reach out to as many prospective students as possible, some of whom may not either have the time to physically attend the classes. Some of the students who will find Zetech University eLearning program helpful are those who are disadvantaged by geographical boundaries.

Zetech University eLearning Program

For this reason alone, though there are other reasons, Zetech University has been able create a reputation of excellence. This is because of the quality of education that they strive to provide to their students each day.

Why Zetech University offers of eLearning

The potentials of eLearning are great and it is basically everywhere in the world today. The Zetech University eLearning program is one of the avenues that one can use to acquire an education without necessarily attending a physical class.

Needless to say, the internet has revolutionized the way everything is done today and taking an online education is just one of them. Below are some of the reasons why Zetech chose to offer eLearning services to their students countrywide and beyond:


The number one advantage of eLearning is the fact that it is consistent. Unlike a physical class where you miss out on a lot of things if you miss a lecture, eLearning is consistent and ensures every student gets the learning materials in time. You don’t have to be online when the materials are sent. It is guaranteed that you will still find them once you log into the system.


Taking an eLearning program is a good choice because it gives you the flexibility that everyone desires in class. You can engage in other activities as you continue taking your online course. Most of the time, the facilitators would just send you study materials and assignment to work on. You therefore set your class times depending on the other schedules that you get. If the facilitator wants to talk to you one on one, you can always set aside time to do so.

No geographical boundaries

Because the internet is a unifying factor, it is possible to study far away from the university that offers the eLearning program. You only need to register, pay the necessary charges and start your study not minding your physical location in the world. This is why it is possible for someone to study overseas without necessarily going physically to the university in question.

Reduces paperwork

Whoever said eLearning is economical must have meant a reduced usage of papers every time. Virtual classes conduct their activities without necessarily using papers. There are no exam papers and booklets to be printed and no assignments are printed before submission. Paperwork is practically eliminated in eLearning.

Saves time

This one is a fact that is known by everyone who has ever undergone the eLearning program. eLearning reduces the time that you would have spent away from your workplace or any other activity that you engage in. It also saves you the time and money you would use to travel to the institution and eliminates the need to stay in a classroom for long hours.

elearning at zetech university

The Future of Zetech University eLearning Program

Zetech understands the need to have a blended approach to learning and hence the introduction of Zetech eLearning program. This results into higher knowledge and more people getting a chance at education.

The future looks bright for one of the youngest university in Kenya. With the pace at which Kenya is moving, eLearning will definitely be a great option for many. Zetech has been making big strides towards providing their students with quality education.

With the push towards a digital Kenya, the Zetech University eLearning program will play a big role in providing higher learning in the country.


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