The Daystar University Campus Portal

Daystar university is one of the best private universities in Kenya. The university is known for the unique approach towards education by instilling Christian values to their students. They have their main campus is located in a serene environment in Athi River, conducive for education. The institution recently launched the Daystar University campus portal that is to help with various administrative duties.

Daystar was home to some very remarkable personalities in the Kenyan society. Some of the notable Daystar alumni include the opinionated Larry Madowo of the Trend, the comedian, Eric Omondi, the professional rugby player, Collins Injera and Ruth Matete Tusker Project Fame winner.

The university serves student from diverse backgrounds and from different continents across the world in their 3 campuses. The main characteristics that set Daystar apart from other Kenyan universities is that they give their students hands on experience making the students relevant in the job market right after they graduate.

Facilities at Daystar University

In their quest to provide students with hands on skills that are relevant in the job market, the school has set up different facilities across their campuses. They have a fully stocked library with very useful material to students undertaking different courses at the institution.

The lecture halls are also high tech and well equipped to give a good learning and teaching environment for all the students. Most of the lecture halls are fully equipped with the latest technological equipment used by many world class universities.

The university’s main campus and all the other campuses in Nairobi and Mombasa also have fully equipped computer laboratories. Complete with access to the internet, the computers come in handy to students, especially when it comes to research.

The institution also found it wise to have communication studios within the institution. Daystar is best known for media and communication studies. The studios help to equip the media and communication students with hands on experience.

Why the Daystar University Campus Portal

Daystar University campus portal was designed to improve the efficiency of the institution in service delivery. With the digital age that Kenya is moving towards, it is very important that institutions of higher learning to invest in digitizing the normal operations of the institution.

It makes it easier for administrators to run daily events in the school and reduces the amount of manpower required. It is easy for students to carry out certain requirements online and avoid long queues. This gives them more time to study and concentrate on their academics.

The Daystar University campus portal is divided into 4 main online portals:

  • The Students Portal
  • The Faculty Portal
  • The Applicant Portal
  • The Course Schedule Portal

The Daystar University Student Portal

Students can login to their university student portal that can help them do a number of tasks. The home screen displays any news or notices that the students should be aware of. This makes it easy for the administration to share useful information with the students quite easily.

There are useful links available and the university contact information that students may require.

From the main bar in the student portal, students who are logged in can see information from the student  bodies, notices, campus news, classifieds, lost and found items and some off campus information that can be useful to them.

daystar university campus portal


There are also other useful resources in the Daystar student portal. Students can access the university calendar. There is an internal telephone directory, the class timetable and the bus timetable. All these have invaluable information that students require at all times.

The Daystar Faculty Portal

The faculty portal has very useful information to members of a particular faculty. Members of the faculty have access to this portal and they can receive news relevant to the faculty and other upcoming events.

The Applicant Portal

If you are applying for a course at Daystar University, you do not have to physically avail yourself at the institution. Applicants can make their applications easily online through the Daystar applicant portal.

Through an easy process, you can create your account on the portal and go about submitting your application online. You can easily login later through the credential you used to check the status of your application on the portal.

The Course Schedule Portal

The course schedule portal helps students and applicant to view the schedule of different courses offered at Daystar University

daystar university course schedule portal

The Daystar University campus portal is a great initiative and has made administration and running of the institution very easy.


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