How the University Of Nairobi Student Management System Changed the Face of the Institution

Gone are the days when the University of Nairobi students had to stand in line for hours in order to pay their fees, get a statement and register for courses. As other institutions of higher learning such as Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology are struggling with the old system of doing things, UoN established an online platform that has simplified so many things for the institution.

University of Nairobi Students online portal

The online platform can be used by students and staff to perform certain transactions that would otherwise take days to complete. We’ll take a look at how the University of Nairobi has made a remarkable achievement when it introduced this online students’ portal.

Simplified course registration

Every student has to register for their specific courses within a semester in order to sit for their exams. Registration of courses can be a nightmare to most people in public universities because it involves standing in line for hours. But UoN students have it easy since the introduction of the online system. Course registration is now performed at the button of a click.

How the University Of Nairobi Student Management System Changed the Face of the university

Easy access to exam timetable/card

Studying for your exams is stressful enough and it gets worse if you have to join a long queue in order to collect your exam card. But this is never the case for UoN students. Students at this institution can simply print out their cards online. The system generates a unique card for each student with their registration details. Students are given more time to study for their exams and worry less about getting the timetable or exam card because they are simply a click away.

Easy access to fees statement

Getting your fees statement was such a hard ordeal to University of Nairobi students before the online system was introduced. In fact, in some institutions of higher learning in Kenya, it still is. When you pay your fees, the system is updated automatically so you don’t need to have any worries whether your money will get lost. No need to stress out when the fees receipts get lost because your money is properly tracked by the system.

Application of students ID cards

In other public universities, applying for a student ID card can be a nightmare. It can take weeks for your card to be ready. However, UoN online system allows students to apply for their cards without having to visit the school. So long as you have paid fees and sent the details to your department like the passport photo, all you have to do is to make an application and collect your card a few weeks later in your department office.

Easy access to examination results

Getting your examination results at the University of Nairobi has never been easier. The institution has managed to reduce the paperwork involved in posting exam results on the notice boards by offering the results online. Every UoN student can simply log in and obtain their results at their own discretion.

What other Universities in Kenya can Learn from UoN SMIS

In the push towards a more digitally sane Kenya, it is important that all other institutions of higher learning invest in various digital solutions in order for them to improve on the efficiency of their institutions.

The University of Nairobi has set a very important benchmark. Gone are the days that students have to make long queues to get a service that could easily be automated. It saves both the student and the institution time among other very valuable resources.

For any institution to compete on the global scene with other universities, these are the fundamentals that need to be taken care of. The university of Nairobi SMIS was a great project that has greatly benefited the institution.;[[.


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