What Does Business Intelligence Training Entails?

A friend recently told me that he was thinking of taking online business intelligence training. Business intelligence and everything about it were new to my world and I had to go miles researching and digging deep to know what businesses intelligence training was all about. Probably you are in the same position I was in years ago and would like to know what business intelligence training is all about. Read on.

Many colleges and universities are training thousands of students in this field.

Business intelligence (BI) is a set of methods, processes, architectures, application and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective, tactical and operational insights and decision making. It is currently being embraced in many business premises hence many business intelligence architects are required all over the world.

Due to this more learning institutions are even offering classes online to meet this demand with an aim of empowering students in the tools and techniques of business intelligence solutions. Business intelligence training is not only offered to beginner, there are courses for end users and advanced technical users including formal accreditation.

So, what is  learned in BI Training?

A lot is learnt. One learns all they need to know about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), data visualization, data quality, project management, achieving success with business intelligence, big data architectures and tools, predictive analytics and mobile BI.

Business intelligence training

Business intelligence training

Business Intelligence Courses

BI is a discipline that combines the skills in business and information technology. The course is subdivided into the following categories depending on what the learners interest is;

  • Introductory courses/ overview courses
  • Courses that focus on a particular BI component
  • Data; data warehousing;

Analysis; business analytics, statistics and data mining.

Presentation; report design, business information visualization, dashboards

  • Management oriented courses;

Bi delivery/ management

Domain specific BI; finance, CRM/marketing, performance management, web analytics

Knowledge management and systems

  • Advanced/ specialized topics;

Visual analytics.

Business intelligence training could also be done on the specific BI solutions below;

SAP business objects training; this curriculum helps to simplify how decision makers use information, allowing users to access, format, analyze, navigate, and share information across the organization. The curriculum comprises of reporting, query and analysis, dashboards visualizations and the BI platform.

Microsoft sharepoint business intelligence; this course equips students with the necessary knowledge to work with all the associated SharePoint business intelligence services including performance point service and excel.

Oracle business intelligence; This business intelligence course is designed for practicing professionals who have basic experience with oracle. In most oracle courses students learn the oracle business infrastructure, bi planning, how to construct queries, how to administer and build dashboards using oracle.

Who can apply for business intelligence training?

As far as learning is concerned, anybody can get into a class, easily master business intelligence skills and grow to become a BI architecture or a specialist in the field. As long as you have the passion, willpower and determination that the course requires, the doors are wide open to you.

Business intelligence training is not only meant for beginners, the following groups of people are also liable to doing a business intelligence training course at the introductory, middle or even higher levels; business intelligence consultants, IT managers, BI architects, Directors of finance, managers of performance management, data warehouse managers and anyone who is interested in being more successful the BI or business analytics spheres.

Is the training expensive?

The cost of business intelligence training depends on which specific course one is taking and the institution. It also depends on the package that you will be taking. If you are really interested in taking the course you can confirm with the institution to know what best suits you. The sure thing is that the cost of taking business intelligence training is affordable to anyone who has interest in taking the course.

When selecting an institution to take you through business intelligence training, go for an institution that will walk with you. Look for an institution that will teach you best practices, the most current trends in the field, and share with you the latest and greatest insights into business intelligence and analytics. Register in a business intelligence training institution that will not only train you in the business aspect but also in the technical aspects.


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