A Review about the Canon Imagerunner 2530

Do you have an office or running a business that requires a lot of printing, photocopying or scanning. If you are doing any of these then you understand the need of having a reliable photocopier. Photocopiers generally improve the efficiency in an office and help push more content within a short period of time. That is why Canon came with a product they call the Canon Imagerunner 2530

The Canon Imagerunner 2530 can be used as a photocopier, printer, scanner and fax. The machine is highly efficient with a good speed and resolution when copying printing or scanning. It occupies a relatively small space when compared to other machines in its class.

Canon Imagerunner 2530 Specs

the canon imagerunner 2530Type: Black and White Printer

Memory: 512mb

Size: 35.25inch x 22.25inch x 27.25inch

Weight: 154lbs

First Copy Out Time: 5.4 secs

B&W Copy Speed: 30ppm

Maximum Print Speed: 30ppm


How can you use the Canon Imagerunner 2530

  1. Its primary purpose is photocopying therefore it can be used to produce bulk copies
  2. It can be used as a printer for outputting hard copies of documents you have on your computer
  3. It can be used as a scanner for obtaining soft copies of documents that you have
  4. It can be used as a fax machine for sending and receiving fax messages

The device is more robust than many in its class but handles much less paper when you compare it to most. Its paper handling capacity is 50. However, it has a much bigger paper cassette that can carry up to 1100 papers and a auto document feeder carrying which carries 1000 papers.  Most copiers can carry less than 100 sheets.

Where can you find the Cannon Imagerunner in Kenya?

The Canon Imagerunner 2530 is available around the world from various Canon distributors and service centers. In Kenya, you can find the Canon Imagerunner from Canon distributors in Nairobi as well. The equipment can be shipped to any location within Kenya if you are not in the capital city.

The Canon Imagerunner 2530 is a great option for many offices and business as a printing and copying solution. It is readily available and without a doubt will improve the efficiency at your workplace.



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